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Sony Movie Studio - Our Story...
How we first discovered this software

In November, 2000, we eagerly purchased our first personal computer capable of editing digital video from our Digital 8 camcorder. The PC we purchased came with a firewire (IEEE 1394) card and a 40 GB hard drive. It also came bundled with an entry level non-linear video editing software program, which we set out to use to make movies from our many camcorder tapes of family events. 

For almost 18 months, we struggled mightily with this video editing software package. It seemed that no matter what we tried, if we attempted to produce and render a movie longer than 6-10 minutes in duration, the audio would inevitably get out of synchronization with the video. It was so disheartening to have mouth movements out of synch with a person's actual speech. It simply ruined our creative efforts.

We tried all manner of things to solve this problem, thinking all the time that our computer system was to blame. The technical support knowledge base and technicians kept focusing on the speed of all of our hardware components as the probable culprit. We even bought a newer, faster computer during those months, with twice as much of "everything", hoping for a solution to the audio synchronization problem. NOTHING WORKED! 

Desperate for a solution, we finally discovered the end user forums for the software product we were attempting to get working properly. Much to our chagrin, the audio synch issue was being discussed repeatedly in this forum, and it became obvious that the culprit was NOT our system, but the video editing software package itself! One particular forum member was so incensed with the poor quality of this software, that he would respond to almost every new member post with his recommendation that the poster could solve his or her problem(s) by switching to a different, far superior software product that he was now using. It was through this forum member's almost "religious" dedication, that we first heard of the video editing software product called, Vegas Movie Studio+DVD from Sony Creative Software (formerly VideoFactory)

As a result of what we learned in this user forum, in May of 2002, we purchased Vegas Movie Studio+DVD (formerly VideoFactory) online, downloaded the software and began using it. Within hours, we learned that Vegas Movie Studio+DVD creates audio proxy, or audio "peak" files that keep the audio track absolutely LOCKED to the video track. We also learned that Vegas Movie Studio+DVD has an elegant, simple, intuitive and delightful user interface that makes performing routine tasks, such as cross-fading two video clips, MUCH easier to do! Our audio synch issues disappeared permanently, and we rapidly grew to respect the solid software architecture of the products from Sony Creative Software

We hope that reading this story will inspire you to purchase all of your video and audio editing software from Sony Creative Software. Their products are so well written, tested and constructed, that your energy and focus can remain SOLELY on the creative process of editing and producing your movies, your treasured digital family memories.