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Our Mission & Vision


A Journey Back In Time - Our "Magic Box Of Memories

In August, 2000, my family "re-discovered" an old wooden portable drawing desk (from England, circa 1800) filled with paintings, drawings, lithographs and hundreds of letters from the family of my triple great grandfather, William Upjohn. This man moved his wife and twelve children to Upstate New York in 1830 from Shaftesbury, England, seeking a better life for his family. His grandchildren went on to found Upjohn Pharmaceutical Corporation in the late 1800's.

The re-discovery and re-exploration of their fascinating stories, and these precious family relics, triggered a desire to preserve and share these and other family memories in digital formats, with present and future family members. 

It is the mission of this website to help you, the newcomer to digital media, to benefit from the preservation of your own family's memories in digital formats; formats that can and will travel many generations into the future. Digital family memories that will outlast the fragile paper, chemical based film and magnetic tape formats that we have been using up until now.

The images, sounds and thoughts of our lives can only be gathered by the technologies of their respective times. This website furthers, and gives additional voice to, an unspoken compact between succeeding generations; that we must convert our precious visual and auditory memories to the newest technologies of the current and future, or risk losing them forever!

 We invite you to join us in this awe-inspiring and most satisfying endeavor.  

Drawings are also links to a time passed
Beautiful sketch done by one of my ancestors. This drawing is almost 200 years old...it captures a time now gone by in old England - from the area around Shaftesbury.
Our "Magic" Box Of Memories
This is the actual box described in our mission statement on this page.
"Gold Hill" - Shaftesbury, England
Shaftesbury, England is where my triple great grandfather came from. Gold Hill is an incredibly well preserved (and famous) street in that town, that magically transports you back to medieval times.
Letters are links to the past
Letter from William Upjohn allowing his daughter Mary Northcote Upjohn, my great, great grandmother, to be married to John Geare in England.
Re-connecting With Lost Relatives
Goldhill again as the backdrop for re-connecting with an English branch of the Upjohn family, and other new friends.