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How we decided to upgrade to Vegas Pro

In November of 2002, after having edited with VideoFactory (now renamed as Vegas Pro Software) for about 6 months (our total editing experience on entry level Non Linear Editing software was now over 2 years), we began to experience a desire and a need for even more features in our editing software. In particular, the project driving this need was the creation of an even more polished DVD from the footage of our son's graduation from the Syracuse University School of Architecture, Class of 2002.


We wanted to use even more than the two video tracks and three audio tracks that VideoFactory® provided. We wanted to use key framing and more advanced compositing to move and display these tracks in more creative ways. We also wanted the high quality Main Concept® MPEG-2 encoding software that came with Vegas Video®, to improve the quality of our finished movies in our DVD productions. In short, we wanted more of everything...we were ready to move up to Vegas Video® 3.0 (yes, six new version of Vegas Pro Software - versions 4.0 through 9.0 have been released since then).

So...we started by downloading the Vegas Video® 3.0 working trial demo software from the Sony Creative Software website, installing it, and completing the excellent tutorials found in the manual. The tutorial download included all the sample projects (or .VEG project files) needed to clearly see how to apply more advanced effects to our movies. We completed them in a matter of hours, purchased and downloaded Vegas Video® 3.0 online, and immediately began producing a 20 second track that would become the "First Play" for our new DVD production, the track that plays on a DVD before it goes to the main selection menu (like the FBI warning).  

For having only a few hours of experience with this advanced level video editing tool, we were absolutely ecstatic at how much we could accomplish in a very short period of time. At the same time, we realized that we had barely begun to scratch the surface of this incredibly powerful software package. Believe us, it was love at first render